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Xenadrine™ bills its diet pill as an ephedra free, thermogenic fat burner and lipolysis stimulator to help break down fat. This purported 'revolutionary formula' contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients shown in 'clinical research' to increase the body’s metabolic rate and support the body in burning excess body fat.


However, recent FDA and FTC enforcement action and litigation against Xenadrine's weight loss clains and effectiveness paint a very different picture.

Clearly, where something sounds too good to be true a red flag should go up for most of us.  That's exactly what happened when federal regulators got involved.  While Xenedranine's slick and hyped marketing helped position it as a great weight loss diet pill, regulators uncovered wrongful claimes made by its marketers.  Our research revealed that the Federal Trade Commission litigated Xenadrine's makers resulting in penalities and agreement to remove wrongful claims from Xenadrine's marketing.  See:

And finally, see below comments from consumers like you about Xenadrine's weight loss claims. Actual excerpt:

"...The FTC investigation has exposed the pill to be... well... a crock - stating that "placebo pills in one clinical trial caused more weight loss than the drug."  ...Even more outrageous is this statement: Supposedly satisfied customers, who claimed in advertisements to have lost anywhere from 20 to 110 pounds while on the pills, actually "engaged in rigorous diet and/or exercise programs in order to lose weight, and some were provided with a personal trainer..." ...Chinery's company paid some of these Xenadrine EFX users $1,000 to $20,000 for their endorsements..."


With governement sponored litigation and history of investigation about Xenadrine's diet product's effectiveness, we urge consumers to take caution.   Finally, the last important question in our research was how effective was Xenadrine.  How well does it work? Is Xenadrine™ the right product for most consumers? Read below actual dieters reviews on Xenadrine

Xenadrine Consumer Reviews:

Xenadrine turned out to be more hype vs. any sort of real weight loss results for me.   This stuff is all hype. Do yourself a favor and try something else that really works.  Gary - MO, USA
No noticeable changes, my weight fluctuated within 2-3 pounds during the 4 weeks I tried Xenadrine.  I need something much more powerful that can can make a real dent and this isn't it.  Catherine - KS

I've been trying to lose weight for a while now and gave Xenadrine a shot.  $50 later, I've lost 3 over 7 weeks.  Not what I hoped for.  Sherry - NY, USA

Save your money time and energy.  Go for something that works.  Xenadrine didn't work at all.  Gail - CA, USA    


Our top diet product award goes to Phenhermine™. Phenhermine™ demonstrates best of class effective weight loss results at a reasonable cost.  And most importantly without common unfavorable side effects associated with other diet products.

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